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Welcome To My Couch: Thanksgiving parodies are #holidaygoals

I think we can all agree that our country has been a little, what’s the word? Grumpy AF. To add in-salt to injury (see what I did there?), Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it, the obligatory mingling with difficult relatives and neighbors. Many Americans are already pissed off, so I’m guessing alcohol, dysfunctional dynamics and empty carbs aren’t going to help. Just in time to save your holiday are these parodies, which will hopefully remind us all to eat, drink and laugh our asses off.

Welcome To My Couch

If you are dreading the differing political views that are bound to surface around a big, dead bird on Thanksgiving, watch this hilarious parody with an unforgettable holiday message: “Welcome to my couch, drink away your feelings.”

All About That Baste

All About That Bass makes my head explode, but All About That Baste is straight-up chuckle worthy…

Speaking of butter…

So this doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving, but it does have to do with cooking. On this episode of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” Paula Deen (Kristen Wiig) discusses her love affair with “booter and ole.”

Holderness Family Thanksgiving Mashup

The Holderness Family — those nutty funsters who are responsible for most of these Thanksgiving parodies — rock this episode by sipping “Chardon-nae-nae” and replacing Adele’s “Hello” lyrics with “Jello.”


The Holderness Family aren’t the only ones to knock off Adele. And the “Best Thanksgiving Day Parody” award goes to Saturday Night Live for this little number…






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