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Just like the crew who writes for Sistah Diaries, sponsoring the site is fun, easy and cheap. We’ve boiled all the marketing/advertising BS and rhetoric down into a painless menu of options that allow you to show your support of Sistah Diaries’ presence on the world wide webs.

Right now we have advocate placements (your ad copy in our content), sponsored pieces (paid content generated by you or by us), sidebar sponsorships and slider sponsorships.

And the best part? We boiled the prices right down along with the BS. These are introductory rates, and spots are limited.

original sistahThe second best part? You can advertise pretty much however you want. If you want to stick to professional, conventional ad copy…cool! If you want to shake it up and do something a little more sassy/funny/edgy…you’ve come to the right place. (Check out this ad on the left that we did in our original print version of Sistah Diaries…it was a real crowd pleaser!)

So give Kat a shout to discuss becoming a part of the fun. You can reach her at She’ll share a rate sheet, tell you what’s shakin’ with our analytics and anything else you want to know. Well, almost anything else, heh, heh. She’s easy to work with, and too busy to badger you…she’s got a media empire to build! But seriously, there’s no obligation, no hassle. If you decide to sponsor, we’ll be thrilled. If you decide to just keep reading, we’ll be thrilled. We’re pretty easy to please.

In all seriousness, thanks for your consideration and interest. We do Sistah Diaries as a means of building a community through relatable content, but we have costs associated with that. If you’d like to help us defray those costs, we’d be forever grateful. (AND if you don’t have a business to promote, but would still like to help out, please see the invitation for volunteer subscriptions in the sidebar.)

Thank you for visiting and reading Sistah Diaries!