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Rihanna’s “Work” video: A smelly pile of double standard

There are so many reasons to be offended by Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” video, but the least obvious reason is probably the biggest. This “Work” video doesn’t work at all, and here’s why…

See for yourself:

Slave collar?

Really Rihanna? Really? You’re wearing a slave choker. Fire your wardrobe person. Now.

Baby talk lyrics

This is the kind of song that gets in your head and makes you want to beat your face against something hard until the lyrics go away or you pass the f*ck out. The baby talk lyrics in this song are excruciating and should be reserved for terrorist interrogation rooms.


Aren’t we past twerking? Isn’t that like, so 12 months ago? If not, can it please, please just go away? If you’re a stripper, cool. If you’re in the bedroom with your boyfriend or hubby, cool. If you’re in a circus and proving to the crowd how you can contort your body, awesome. But for the love of all that is good and holy, can twerking just get the f*ck out? Am I the only one who thinks twerking makes women look like female dogs in heat, “presenting themselves” to all the males in the room? As women, don’t we want people to recognize us from our face, instead of someone saying, “You look familiar. Can you turn around and twerk? Oh yeah! I thought I recognized you.” The lyrics in this song should be “Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk,” instead of “Work, work, work, work, work.”

Reeking double standard

Where’s my soapbox? Ah, there it is. Excuse me while I step atop it.

What the actual f*ck? The women in the video are all dressed seductively and humping the floor like their lives depend on it. The person in the kitchen is a woman. The most scantily clad guy in this video is wearing a white tank top and most of the guys are wearing long sleeved shirts and/or layers. Drake is wearing a f*cking jogging suit – practically the male version of a burka. All you can see is his face and his hands. Then, Drake just stands against the wall while Rihanna grinds her money-maker against his junk. This is a double standard of epic proportions.

My take-away from this video was the guys, being in possession of a penis, just have to show up. They don’t have to dress provocatively or degrade themselves in some sort of primal dance. They don’t have to work in the kitchen. I didn’t see a single guy wearing a slave collar. They just have to show up, drink and watch the show. The most effort Drake puts into the evening is asking Rihanna how many shots it’s going to take before she’s DTF.

I’m not easily offended and I’m not a Nazi feminist, but the subtle or overt (depending on how you watch videos) message in this reeking pile of a double standard makes my eyes and my ears bleed.

Kat Hobza

Kat Hobza

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