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Finding the humor in chaos


So you tried a Pinterest project and it failed. Or you made some cool ass dinner just from the crap you had in your fridge. Or you have a life-hack that saves you oodles of time, so you can focus on more important things — like gossiping and drinking wine. Or you have a sinful trick for making something that you would actually feel OK giving as a gift. Sinterest is as close as we’ll get to cooking and crafts, with a delightfully half-assed twist.

6 Thanksgiving hacks, for your inner slacker

No matter how you slice it, Thanksgiving is a lot of work. It’s exhausting. First, there’s the shopping with hordes of people who – by and large – lack all self-awareness, and hog up the entire aisle or host family…
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Love and Rice and Gravy

My law school roommate has a theory (yes, you, Mary Lou). There are two kinds of people: eaters and non-eaters – and eaters can never be with non-eaters. Lou, you have many theories, but this is one to which I…
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