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Finding the humor in chaos

Flop Culture

There’s pop culture — you know — all that bullsh*t about the Kardashians and Kayne West that we’re SUPPOSED to care about, but just really, really don’t. And then there’s Flop Culture — which is our take on said bullsh*t…

Rant: Why the word “needs” got ta go

Take my hand and join me in a rant on why the word “needs” has got ta go… The most obvious reason “needs” needs the keys to the street is because of cliché marketing. As a marketing copywriter and thus,…
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6 Un-words and phrases to recycle from Trump’s campaign

Since the 2016 presidential election is arguably the most laughable race in history, I thought to contribute to the levity by listing the most hilarious words and phrases from Trump’s campaign (many of which sound made up/are grammatically incorrect). Remember what…
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