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An open letter to Sistah Diaries readers, because Facebook messaging sucks

Guess what I was going to do today? I was going to sit down and message all 1,1115 of Sistah Diaries’ Facebook likes. Every. Single. One. Maybe not ALL today, but I was going to start today and not finish until each of you had received a personal message from me. I have the time, energy, ambition. I was all pumped to get ‘er done.

But, no. Facebook doesn’t let you message people who “like” your business from your business page (unless they message you first – so what was I going to do? Be that needy kid in the class who posts something like, “Please message me”? No).

Was I going to Facebook stalk all of you, desperately trying to find an e-mail address and then reach out? No. Too creepy. Too invasive. Too not-OK.

So at first, I’m all, “What the f*ck, Facebook? Hook a sister up already.” But then I sort of got it. I genuinely like most of the businesses I’ve “liked” on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean I need or want my messages flooded with promotions and shit.

My brilliant plan hinged on this one, exceedingly important, component of my master plan (insert “Mwa ah ah ah” here). But since Facebook doesn’t play nice when it comes to messaging a Facebook business audience (understandably, I must grudgingly admit) I had to rethink my strategy.

So here it is, my open letter. What was I going to visit with each and every one of you about? A couple of things…

The first thing I was going to do was thank you all individually for liking Sistah Diaries’ Facebook page and for reading Sistah Diaries. It’s hard to build a community of like-minded women if you don’t have any like-minded women (and a few super cool guys) reading and following your content. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that.

Next, for the sake of transparency, I was going to give you a brief overview of my advertising philosophy, which more or less amounts to my hatred of guerilla marketing. You know what I’m talking about. Being asked for your e-mail before you even enter a site. (Such bad form – that’s like standing at the deli in a grocery store and having the dude behind you ask for your number.) Or the dreaded pop-up video. ANNOYING. Or worse, having to take a survey before you can read the content. I don’t like having my interests held hostage and I’m sure you don’t either.

So how does a gal generate revenue (so the IRS doesn’t think her site is just a hobby) and pay her contributors without irritating the hell out of her readers?

By asking for volunteer subscriptions. Volunteer subscriptions are $24 a year. One time, you click on the PayPal button (located on the right sidebar of this page) which allows you to transfer $24 from your PayPal account or to charge your credit card, and boom, you get all this hilarity for a year. I mean, you’ll get it either way, but in this way I can continue to provide you with entertaining content without beating you over the head through vexing advertising gimmicks.

So there you go, Sistahs. For less than a tank of gas, less than a daily coffee, less than a bottle of wine or a bottle of Jameson, you can contribute to our community for a year. Two bucks a month. And naturally, you can contribute any amount you want. If your “volunteer subscription” budget is greater than $24/year, we will be humbled by your generosity – but we don’t want to be greedy.

What do you get in exchange for your volunteer subscription besides helping us bring laughs to an increasingly unfunny world? We will mail you a special thank you gift…with a bonus gift for the first 20 subscribers. How does that grab ya?

So before I let you go, I want to also ask that you invite your friends, today, to like Sistah Diaries‘ Facebook page. And if you have a business page to promote, and I can return the favor, please message me through theSistah Diaries Facebook page.*

As Sistah Diaries readers, you are all very dear to me, which is why I was prepared to reach out to each of you individually. I can’t thank you enough for reading, and for considering a volunteer subscription. Only with the coolest readers on the web can I build the coolest site on the web :).

Got nothin’ but love for alls ya alls,


HBIC, Sistah Diaries

*Remember, I can respond if you message me first – and as long as you’re not asking me to promote something that will hideously offend or alienate awesome members of the Sistah Diaries audience, I’m happy to help.

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