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6 Un-words and phrases to recycle from Trump’s campaign

Since the 2016 presidential election is arguably the most laughable race in history, I thought to contribute to the levity by listing the most hilarious words and phrases from Trump’s campaign (many of which sound made up/are grammatically incorrect). Remember what Grandma always said – laugh when you want to cry.

Bigly actually lists definitions for “bigly” which date back to the 1500s (sort of cementing his detractors’ argument that he’ll set our country back 50 years – or in this case 500 years). But, damn. This word is so ridiculously fun to say, mostly because it sounds like something a little kid would say on the playground. “My dad is going to kick your dad’s butt, bigly.” In Trump’s defense, when asked in an interview with EWTN if he was saying “bigly” or “big league” on the campaign trail, Trump answered “big league.”

Very much better

Trump uttered this gem in the third presidential debate. I can’t even remember what he was going to make “very much better,” because I was so distracted by this phrase. With the holidays looming, it’s reasonable to assume that Trump’s family members are all thinking the same thing right about now – what do you get a billionaire for Christmas? How about a thesaurus. That way, Trump can craft the most important speeches of his life, “very much better.”


When I heard Trump utter this during one of the debates, I ran to google to look it up. I’ll be darned if it’s not actually a word. I’ve lived 46 years. I’m a writer. I make a living structuring words and after 15 years of doing so, I’d like to think that I have – at the risk of sounding immodest – a slightly higher than average vocabulary. But until the 2016 presidential race, I’d never heard the words “bigly” or “rejiggered.” I guess I’m the one who needs a thesaurus – the “Trump Speak” edition.


“Millions” doesn’t find its way on this list because it’s old AF, or grammatically incorrect or because it sounds made up. It hits the list because The Donald uses it all the time to describe his supporters and his wealth – and because he sounds like Dr. Evil when he says it. “Mmmmmillions of [whatever].”

Bad hombres

Um, wow. Well if it’s a non-politician Americans want, it’s a non-politician they shall have. Trump described criminal illegal aliens as “bad hombres.” A nationwide, collective wince, ensued. Bad hombres? Since Trump clearly hasn’t mastered the English language, it’s probably best he doesn’t dabble in other languages.

Nasty woman

When Trump runs out of made-up words, he starts name-calling. In the third debate, he called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” He describes Alec Baldwin’s immaculate portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live as “nasty and mean.” You would think that Trump’s Ivy League (big league) education would have equipped him with better debating/orating skills.  Trump was ripped off by the University of Pennsylvania. He should ask for his money back.

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